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CYCLES OF ETERNITY: An Overview of The Ageless Wisdom
- Tim Wyatt
112 pages A4 square format with full colour diagrams and illustrations
Price 10.00 plus postage and packing.

Available from: www.firewheelbooks.co.uk

Everything in the universe seen and unseen is alive, connected and on an eternal evolutionary journey.
There are universal laws and inter-connected ideas pre-dating and underpinning science, philosophy and religion, explaining the evolution and workings of both the universe and human beings. This is known as the Ageless Wisdom or Theosophy.

This ancient knowledge offers a compelling, comprehensive and convincing view of ourselves and the cosmos and yet it is entirely modern in its outlook.
CYCLES OF ETERNITY provides a concise digest of the timeless truths and universal laws which shape us, our world and the universe beyond. As the sub-title suggests, this is merely an overview of a vast and fascinating body of knowledge which offers a coherent and comprehensive explanation of human and cosmic evolution.
Rather than just focusing on theory, this richly illustrated book emphasises the practical uses of this wisdom wherever possible. It is offered at a time when there is an increasing interest in human consciousness and psycho-spiritual development without the prejudices and preconceptions of sceptical science or worn-out religion.
CYCLES OF ETERNITY is the most concise and coherent overview of this knowledge to appear in the 21st Century.

The key topics covered include:
  • Karma, death and reincarnation
  • The after-death states and re-birth
  • Human and cosmic evolution
  • The constitution of the cosmos
  • The human make-up
  • Chakras and etheric energies
  • The Seven Rays
  • The hidden planes of existence
  • Infinite cycles
  • Thought-forms
  • Energies and forces
  • The seven kingdoms of nature
  • The Masters of Wisdom
  • Occult science
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A lifelong spiritual explorer and a student of the esoteric mysteries, occult sciences and the Ageless Wisdom, Tim Wyatt has spent five decades working as a journalist in all sections of the broadcast, print and online media. A dedicated student of consciousness research, he is the founder of the Leeds-based School of Applied Wisdom and travels extensively giving talks, seminars and workshops on occult topics to the Theosophical Society in England and many other groups.
Despite or perhaps even because of, having no recognised academic qualifications whatsoever, he has won awards for his plays and television documentaries. Tim is also the author of numerous novels, short stories, articles, non-fiction works and poetry. He is the founder of several publishing companies and at least two record labels.
His other diversely chequered roles include film director, radio talk show host, car designer, public relations consultant, funeral celebrant, TV and film actor, musician, death counsellor, barman, teacher, DJ and advisor to government departments.
Tim is a devoted walker, animal lover, book and art collector and naturalist. Apart from brief stints in London, Thailand and North West England, he has spent most of his life in the Yorkshire Pennines. These days he makes only rare and reluctant visits to cities.
Tim is the Treasurer of Leeds Theosophical Society.

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