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Leeds Theosophical Society
Promoting understanding and respect for spiritual lifestyles in the Leeds Area
Founded Sept. 1900
12 Queen Square, Leeds LS2 8AJ
(Near the Merrion Centre)

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President: Dr Paul Barker
A branch of The Theosophical Society in England.
Registered Charity No. 1167737.


Email: info@ts-leeds.org.uk      [Facebook Logo]
Sunday 5th April 2020
starting at 2.30pm

(doors open at 2.00 pm)

'Western Methods and Techniques of Contemplation and Prayers':
Erica Gerorgiades (Athens, Greece)
“Prayer is to religion what thinking is to philosophy. To pray is to make religion.” - Novalis.
[Erica Georgiades]
Erica Georgiades

In this presentation, we will discuss some techniques and methods of contemplation and prayers. We will specifically look into a Platonic technique of contemplation of the stars, as a method to elevate and unite the soul with the divine. We will also explore, in the Christian tradition, two methods of praying: the first known as ejaculatory or aspiration prayers and the second one known as spontaneous prayers and how they lead the practitioner in mystical or ecstatic states.

Erica Georgiades MRes Religious Experience (Candidate) UWTSD; PgD (Merit) Ancient Mediterranean Religions UWTSD; BA (Honours) in Philosophy and Psychological Studies (Open).
Erica is the Editor of the FOTA Newsletter, a researcher on Theosophical History; secretary of the International Theosophical History Conference since 2018. She is the Director of the European School of Theosophy since 2016; and a member of the Theosophical Society since 1991. She lives in Athens, Greece.

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