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Sunday 29th October 2017
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Leslie Price (London)
Leslie Price is a Historian, Archivist, Author and Lecturer. He was brought up in Chorley, Lancs, where as a schoolboy he came across H. P. Blavatsky's 'The Secret Doctrine' in the local library. He found it difficult reading. After he graduated in Religious Studies, he became the Librarian of the College of Psychic Studies in London and is currently its Archivist.
Leslie was also active in the Society for Psychical Research and was aware of their negative Report on HPB. That was a puzzle, so he went to the TSE Headquarters and joined the TSE in 1980.
Leslie is an Associate Editor of the quarterly Theosophical History.
At present, his main focus is the Psychic Pioneer Project, (www.psypioneer.com) launched in 1999 to promote the study of earlier workers in such fields as Spiritualism, psychical research, Theosophy and Mesmerism.
Leslie is a National Lecturer for the Theosophical Society in England.
[Leslie Price]
Leslie Price
Madame H P Blavatsky from her earliest theosophical writings gave much attention to the history of the cosmos, of humanity, of civilisations and religions, and to the esoteric stream behind them. Colonel Olcott, in his original address, noted the historical significance of the 'TS' itself. Both external and internal history can teach us much. But as with other paths, there is both exaltation, and suffering, as we slowly move from illusion to truth.

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