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Sunday 25th November 2018
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A JOURNEY OF SELF-DISCOVERY: Find the Shadow Patterns that Block your Genius.
Gilly Czerwonka (Blackburn)
Gilly Czerwonka began her personal journey in 2000 when she discovered the Human Design System and subsequently became a Human Design Analyst in 2004. Her Human Design tutor, Richard Rudd, went on to write and teach ‘The Gene Keys’ which Gilly is still involved in.
Gilly lectures on Human Design and Gene Keys. She was invited to give a series of lectures at the 2017 Theosophical Conference in Birmingham.
[Gilly Czerwonka]
Gilly Czerwonka
This lecture is based on Gene Keys, The Golden Path, which is a contemporary adaptation of the I Ching linked to other esoteric traditions such as Astrology, the Kaballah, and the Human Design System. From your birth information an astrological chart can be generated which shows the unique path of life that your soul decided upon for this life times learning.
'The astrological chart represents a map of the psyche which reveals both the nature and the effects of the archetypal energies operative within our lives. This is our personal map (myth) which gives us an opportunity to become a ‘hero!’ - Joseph Campbell.
In this PowerPoint presentation we will explore my activation sequence, which is the first part of the Golden Path, and how this has worked out in my life. You will have the opportunity to discover your life’s blueprint and discover the archetypal energies linked to your own activation sequence.

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