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Open to non-Members - Free Entry
at 12 Queen Square Leeds LS2 8AJ
Sunday 25th March 2018
starting at 2.30pm

(doors open at 2)

Dr Israel Ajose (London)
Dr Israel Ajose D. Psych. Astrol is a dedicated student and teacher of astrology, a transpersonal therapist and consultant, and the Director of Astrology of the (psyche) Soul, a school of thought which presents a model of astrology that aims to provide students and clients with both powerful diagnostic tools for understanding and navigating personality development and growth by incorporating astrological elements of Jungian psychology and various philosophies throughout the world. After studying and completing full honours in psychological astrology at the Centre of Psychological Astrology in London, he is now a full-time practitioner of astrology and tarot. Much of his studies and practices also include cosmology, mythology, occult sciences, Kabbalah, shamanism and divination. [Dr Israel Ajose]
Dr Israel Ajose
For thousands of years astrologers of old and new have always shed light on the astrological ages, which is based on the procession of the equinox. We are now entering an era where a new astrological age is now taking place.  In this talk I will be demonstrating and showing you how the ages that have preceded us have affected humanity and its consciousness, and what it is we can look forward to in this modern paradigm shift in the Age of Aquarius.

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