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Sunday 25th February 2018
starting at 2.30pm

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Tim Wyatt (Bradford)
A lifelong spiritual explorer and a student of the esoteric mysteries, occult sciences and the Ageless Wisdom, Tim Wyatt has spent five decades working as a journalist in all sections of the broadcast, print and online media. A dedicated student of consciousness research, he is the founder of the Leeds-based School of Applied Wisdom and travels extensively giving talks, seminars and workshops on occult topics to the Theosophical Society in England and many other groups.
Despite or perhaps even because of, having no recognised academic qualifications whatsoever, he has won awards for his plays and television documentaries. Tim is also the author of numerous novels, short stories, articles, non-fiction works and poetry. He is the founder of several publishing companies and at least two record labels.
His other diversely chequered roles include film director, radio talk show host, car designer, public relations consultant, funeral celebrant, TV and film actor, musician, death counsellor, barman, teacher, DJ and advisor to government departments.
Tim is a devoted walker, animal lover, book and art collector and naturalist. Apart from brief stints in London, Thailand and North West England, he has spent most of his life in the Yorkshire Pennines. These days he makes only rare and reluctant visits to cities.
Tim is the Treasurer of Leeds Theosophical Society.
[Tim Wyatt]
Tim Wyatt
The world and human evolution unfold via cycles – some lasting a fraction of a second and others continuing for trillions of years. Each one of these cycles – whether it’s an individual human life or the creation and ultimate destruction of an entire galaxy – follows precisely the same course. Birth, growth, maturity, decline and ‘death’. There are no exceptions to this. And it is the same for all kingdoms of nature. Cycles are central to the Ageless Wisdom teachings and even a basic understanding of them gives us far greater insight into the mysteries of the universe and how life unfolds – as well as our own lives.
In this talk Tim Wyatt will outline how humanity currently finds itself enmeshed in one of the most potent cycles of unparalleled change the world has ever seen. And change is always produces proportionate turmoil and conflict. Over the past three centuries humanity has evolved more rapidly physically, emotionally and mentally than it did in the previous three thousand years. In the 20th Century we progressed from primitive powered flight to landing on the moon in a little over six decades. Attitudes shifted seismically.
Although we are still dominated and overshadowed by the material world, immediately below the surface things are changing very rapidly. Not only are our minds evolving new capacities, our latent spirituality is also undergoing an invisible transformation.

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