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Leeds Theosophical Society
Promoting understanding and respect for spiritual lifestyles in the Leeds Area
12 Queen Square, Leeds LS2 8AJ
(Near the Merrion Centre)

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A branch of the Theosophical Society in England (www.theosophicalsociety.org.uk)

Open to non-Members - Free Entry
at 12 Queen Square Leeds LS2 8AJ
Sunday 23rd September 2018
starting at 2.30pm

(doors open at 2)

Hugh Agnew (Liverpool)
Hugh Agnew is the President of Merseyside Theosophical Society and the President of the North West Federation of the Theosophical Society in England and a National Lecturer of the Theosophical Society in England. Hugh is a student of the Ancient Wisdom and has studied both the Eastern and Western esoteric scriptures over many years. [Hugh Agnew]
HUgh Agnew
All of us are on an eternal voyage of discovery whether we realise it or not. But when we look at our individual journeys through many lifetimes in different bodies and locations, how do we define it? Is it the time spent travelling? Is it the distance we’ve travelled or the places we’ve visited? Or is it the experience gathered? In the case of the soul this journey is especially eventful and important as it gathers information, experience and knowledge.
In this talk seasoned Theosophical speaker Hugh Agnew explores the soul’s endless wanderings from life to life, examining the significance of this adventure. He will focus especially on those notable and unforgettable experiences we all undergo as well as the hardships we face and the tests, trials and tribulations we encounter on the way.

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