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Open to non-Members - Free Entry
at 12 Queen Square Leeds LS2 8AJ
Sunday 20th January 2019
starting at 2.30pm

(doors open at 2)

'BEYOND THE SENSES: Awakening to a Brave New World
Chad Manian (London)
Chad Manian is an essayist, thinker, teacher and researcher of ancient civilisations based on the harmonic principle and Plato’s Atlantean virtues. Considered by his peers to be a polymath, Lecturer, Scientist, Metaphysician, Holofractalist, multi-disciplinary leading edge researcher and scholar whose scope of knowledge branches across several fields. Best known for his breakthrough work in behavioural futurism and social prediction based on Mayan chronology. Best remembered for being the eccentric child-genius respected both in the scholastic academic world and within New Age Spiritual groups for his cutting-edge insights drawn from fields across different disciplines including: quantum physics, fractal geometry, genetic engineering, classics, psychology, philosophy, neuro-biology, shamanism, metaphysics and base 12 spiral mathematics. [Chad Manian]
Chad Manian
The talk will involve delving into H P Blavatsky's insights on the nature of reality and what awaits humanity as we progress into the time of artificial intelligence and the machine world.

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