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Open to non-Members - Free Entry
at 12 Queen Square Leeds LS2 8AJ
Sunday 16th December 2018
starting at 2.30pm

(doors open at 2)

Brigitte Rix (France)
Brigitte Rix is a Clairaudient Medium, spiritual teacher, inspirational public speaker and the author of five channelled books. For over 36 years she has been channelling knowledge from Higher Realms, via high speed ‘psycho-graphy’/automatic writing and clairaudience.
Her publications include:
1) Evidential communications from departed people: the channelled diaries – I’m Not Dead: I’m Alive without a Body (Vol.1 &2 so far) – give readers an insight into the adventures awaiting us beyond the grave.
2) Truths, Lies and Distortions, Worlds BEYOND the 'Spirit World' and HELP the EARTH HELP YOU to Survive imminent disasters contain cutting edge knowledge dictated by Advanced Masters from the higher dimensions.

Hailed as ‘The Afterlife French Lady’, Brigitte tours the UK to give lectures. She also teaches mediumship development. In Sept. 2015, she was invited as one of the speakers and workshop tutors (alongside well-known personalities and NDE survivors Anita Moorjani & USA neuro-surgeon Dr Eben Alexander), to the International Conference run by FINDHORN Spiritual Community (Theme: ‘We Do Not Die’ , Expanding Consciousness through Near-Death and other Mystical Experiences’).
Copies of Brigitte’s channelled books will be available at the meeting. More details can be found on her website www.italkwithspirits.com
[Brigitte Rix]
Brigitte Rix
An age-old question! The answer to which has too often been very distorted and manipulated by numerous religious or reigning ‘authorities’! Thanks to her 36 years of channelling communications from the Higher Realms, Spiritual Medium Brigitte shares with you her own experiences -- in this 21st century -- of receiving astounding insights and detailed answers on what it’s like to be ALIVE in the ‘Afterlife’! This took place during years of her authentic two-way conversations with many departed, starting with her ‘deceased’ mother’s revelations (who communicated 26 hours AFTER her passing, of her own accord!)-- and several other loved ones, as well as her ‘Spirit’ Guide and Teachers.
Find out what can happen:
  • Where you may imagine you are and why;
  • Why ingrained man-made distortions and fears affect your situation.
  • How your Free Will and mindset are keys to your progress, or lack of;
  • What mindboggling discoveries you may choose to tackle.
  • What pre-incarnation guidance is available each time, before you are born as a new facet of your Higher Self;
  • How you can prepare while on Earth for a smooth passing in the future;
  • How Earthlings can help confused departed settle;
  • And much more ...
    Those lively, reassuring and enlightening channelled dialogues have been faithfully transcribed in Brigitte’s series of published diaries “I’m NOT DEAD: I’m Alive without a Body” ( Vol. 1&2- so far).

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