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Sunday 10th December 2017
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"THEURGY: New Light on Ancient Practices"
Susan Leybourne (Northampton)
Susan Leybourne is a past President of Leeds Theosophical Society. She has a background in ancient religions, ancient Greek philosophy, mystical experience in world traditions and comparative religion. She has worked internationally as a Clairvoyant, Medium and Healer in the UAE, Malaysia, USA, North Africa, West Africa and most of Europe. She has taught workshops and courses in UK, USA, Sweden, France, Spain, Holland and Norway and lectured widely at international Spiritual conferences and conventions in UK, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Norway. She has been featured many times in the Media in the UK and abroad, including TV, Radio and national press and has been featured in TV programmes in Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Canada. She has also assisted academic researchers in PhD studies into Mediumship, Psychic abilities and consciousness.
Details: www.susanleybourne.com
[Susan Leybourne]
Susan Leybourne
Theurgy, from the ancient Greek word theurgia for the 'work of the gods' has been interpreted by many as spiritually enhancing magical rites for the communication with angelic beings and deities. It has a long history in eastern and western cultures. Mankind has always sought to know the will of the gods and in knowing them become god-like. Theurgy encompasses many practices that are now lost or misunderstood including invocations, passwords and seals, sacred and secret names of deities and the laws of correspondences and mystical ascent to the heavens. These practices were both contemplative and ritualistic but always classed as beneficial, dealing with higher powers for the betterment of the human soul; an alchemical process leading to oneness with the gods and ultimately the One. These practices were made famous by Iamblichus and Proclus in the west but also seen in Kabbalistic practices and Gnostic Christianity. The practices understood as Theurgical are also present in Tibetan Buddhism and the Indian traditions, where yantras, mudras and mantras combine with sacred offerings where initiates of secret traditions seek union with Brahman.
In this talk an attempt will be made to unite the eastern and western systems while examining a potential common origin of these secret practices of the initiates.

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