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Leeds Theosophical Society
Promoting understanding and respect for spiritual lifestyles in the Leeds Area
Founded Sept. 1900
12 Queen Square, Leeds LS2 8AJ
(Near the Merrion Centre)

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President: Dr Paul Barker
A branch of The Theosophical Society in England.
Registered Charity No. 1167737.


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Nina Ashby
[Nina Ashby]
Sunday 24th November 2019 - 2:30 pm
Nina Ashby (London)

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I was born in New York City, USA, and even as a child I could see colours around people, objects and other living things, though I didn’t know at the time what it was that I was seeing. It led me to a lifelong interest in colour and energy. As a child, when I drew colours around people as I saw, my art was called “imaginative"! I went on to study art at University and knew then that to be an artist it was crucial to keep my perceptions open.
This inspired me to spend many years training in the art & science of perception that eventually drew me into alternate careers of energy healing and becoming a professional psychic reader. This included: art, Spiritual Philosophy, Meditation, various forms of bodywork and Energy Healing, Psychology, NLP & Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Dowsing, Cards and Psychic studies including Mediumship and all levels of psychic perception and Channelling.
  Through my years of study and over 35 years of professional practice, I believe I have obtained a deep understanding of psychic and spiritual matters and the ability to communicate clearly what I perceive. I love my work with people - seeing the strongly positive empowering effect my reading of their energy has upon them and their outlook on life.
Since moving to the UK in 1983, I was actively involved as a Consultant Member of the British Astrological & Psychic Society (BAPS), a professional organisation that was formed in 1976 to represent the Astrological and Psychic Profession to the public. I have had the privilege of serving on their Executive Committee over the years in many positions: President, Vice President, Consultant Director, Mercury Editor, Treasurer and their Chairman until its closure in 2018.
I have also had the opportunity to work with many organisations and businesses, as a reader and as a consultant, including being part of the team at Psychic Sisters in Selfridges from 2006 -2018.
Teaching & Media: I have had the privilege of teaching Psychic & Personal Development as well as Energy Healing for over 35 years now. I have published 2 books and write regularly for various magazines, professional journals and have appeared on Radio and TV since 1995.
Website: https://www.ninaashby.com

Gary Lachman
[Gary Lachman]
Gary Lachman (London)

The Hermetica are Egyptian-Greek wisdom texts from the 2nd century ACE and later, which are mostly presented as dialogues in which a teacher, generally identified as Hermes Trismegistus ("thrice-greatest Hermes"), enlightens a disciple. The texts form the basis of Hermeticism. They discuss the divine, the cosmos, mind, and nature. Some touch upon alchemy, astrology, and related concepts.

The term particularly applies to the Corpus Hermeticum, Marsilio Ficino's Latin translation in fourteen tracts, of which eight early printed editions appeared before 1500 and a further twenty-two by 1641. This collection, which includes Poimandres and some addresses of Hermes to disciples Tat, Ammon and Asclepius, was said to have originated in the school of Ammonius Saccas and to have passed through the keeping of Michael Psellus: it is preserved in fourteenth century manuscripts. The last three tracts in modern editions were translated independently from another manuscript by Ficino's contemporary Lodovico Lazzarelli (1447–1500) and first printed in 1507. Extensive quotes of similar material are found in classical authors such as Joannes Stobaeus.

Parts of the Hermetica appeared in the 4th-century Gnostic library found in Nag Hammadi. Other works in Syriac, Arabic, Coptic and other languages may also be termed Hermetica — another famous tract is the Emerald Tablet, which teaches the doctrine "as above, so below".

All these are themselves remnants of a more extensive literature, part of the syncretic, intellectualized paganism of their era, a cultural movement that also included the Neoplatonic philosophy of the Greco-Roman mysteries and late Orphic and Pythagorean literature and influenced Gnostic forms of the Abrahamic religions.

Extracts from Wikipedia.

Gary Lachman (1955 - ) was born in Bayonne, New Jersey, but has lived in London, England since 1996. A founding member of the rock group Blondie, he is now a full time writer with more than a dozen books to his name, on topics ranging from the evolution of consciousness and the western esoteric tradition, to literature and suicide, and the history of popular culture. Lachman writes frequently for many journals in the US and UK, and lectures on his work in the US, UK, and Europe. His work has been translated into several languages. His website is: www.garylachman.co.uk

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